Program scale and cost

Specific funders of CTs (as of 2010)

Specific funders of cash transfers (2010)

Programs that began since 2010 (after the compilation of this information) tend to come from an even more diverse array of sources, as more organizations have started to implement their own cash transfer programs.
Notes: Sample size is 107. Analysis is limited to those programs with clear information on funding sources at the time of writing of The Cash Dividend. Total is greater than 100 percent because multiple organizations fund many programs. Although programs may be funded by multiple organizations classified in the “other” category, each program is included only once in “other.” “Other” includes, among others, Canadian International Development Agency; Concern Universal; Concern Worldwide; Danish International Development Agency; Danish Refugee Council; Development Cooperation Ireland; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; German Technical Cooperation; Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria; HelpAge International; Horn Relief; ILO; Japan Social Development Fund; Royal Netherlands Embassy; Red Cross; Swedish International Development Cooperation Authority; World Food Programme; and World Vision International.