CT Objectives

Program duration and focus by income status

CTs can be classified by their intended duration (less than one year being short-term) and their focus. Countries of different income levels tend to have different foci and duration.

Program Duration
Long-term programs Short-term programs
Program Focus Poverty/ Food Security Human Capital Natural Disaster/ Food Security Man-made Disasters
Notes: N=17 for Upper-middle income countries, 13 for Lower-middle income countries, 40 for Low-income countries, and 22 for Fragile countries. Sample size is limited to programs that could be classified into one of the categories. Note on countries’ income status: Countries’ income levels are classified based on World Bank income classifications as of January 2011. Economies are divided based on GNI per capita calculated using the World Bank’s Atlas method. As of 2011, Low-income countries had GNI per capita of $1,025 or less; Lower-middle income countries’ GNI per capita ranged from $1,026 – $4,035; Upper-middle income ranged from $4,036 – $12,475; High income countries had GNI per capita of $12,476 and above. For more information, please see http://data.worldbank.org/about/country-classifications.