Evaluating CTs’ impacts

Planned impact evaluations

Additional Impact Evaluations Planned for Africa’s Cash Transfer Programs (as of 2010)

Program Name Date Results Expected Key Information from Evaluation
Burkina Faso CT/CCT 2010 Impact of conditional versus unconditional transfers and payments to mothers versus fathers on educational, health, and consumption outcomes
Kenya CT for OVC 2010 Impact of conditional versus unconditional transfers
Kenya HSNP First results in 2010; additional results later Impact of unconditional transfers targeting various groups in extremely remote areas
Nigeria Kano CCT for Girls’ Education Late 2012 Impact of soft versus hard conditions; different transfer sizes; centralized versus decentralized monitoring; impact of various communications strategies, including mobile phone technology
Rwanda VUP 2010 Impact of unconditional transfer in larger social protection program which includes support for insertion into financial system and labor market when possible
Senegal CF-SCT 2011 Impact of unconditional transfers on consumption, nutrition, and health outcomes in presence of successful community nutrition program
Tanzania CB-CCT 2010/2011 Impact of CCT that functions within a social fund and is supported by communities trained in community-driven development
Tanzania RESPECT 2010/2011 Impact of CCT conditioned on remaining free of curable STIs on STI status, HIV status, and other measures. Initial results already available; additional results expected
Zambia Monze SCT 2010/2011 Impact of unconditional cash transfers on household outcomes
Other programs for which experimental impact evaluations were expected to occur included Ghana’s LEAP, Lesotho’s CGP, and Senegal’s CCT for OVC. For more information on recent and planned impact evaluations in Sub-Saharan Africa, see here.