Evaluating CTs’ impacts

Impact evaluations in Africa

  • Although many cash transfer programs in Sub-Saharan Africa have
  • tried to determine the impact of CTs on key outcomes, some of the
  • evaluations have lacked the credible counterfactual necessary to
  • determine the program’s causal effect on beneficiaries. To be an
  • impact evaluation in the truest sense, a program must be able to
  • identify treatment and control groups. Fortunately, many of the
  • newest CTs in the region are using rigorous evaluation methods to
  • determine how best to design and implement these programs.
  • Experimental evaluations, in which control and treatment groups are
  • randomized, are being used increasingly frequently in Sub-Saharan
  • Africa and around the world. Quasi-experimental evaluations are
  • also used more frequently than in the past.