Features of early childhood-focused CTs


  • Cash transfer programs that focus on early childhood development
  • have a range of components related to mothers and young children.
  • For instance, most Latin American CCTs require pregnant women
  • to attend prenatal visits that monitor and encourage proper fetal
  • development, and institutional births are often required or
  • incentivized to decrease complications in labor that could be
  • detrimental to the mother and baby. These programs also typically
  • require young children to attend regular well visits at health facilities
  • or through traveling community clinics. Some programs, such as
  • Mexico’s Oportunidades provide key beneficiaries with iron or
  • other nutritional supplements to decrease micronutrient malnutrition.
  • Some CCTs also condition transfers on young children’s participation
  • in pre-primary education, although this feature is rarer. These CCTs
  • also often have an educational component that trains caregivers on
  • issues relevant to their children’s well-being, such as hygiene or nutrition.