Evaluating CTs’ impacts

evaluating-cts-impacts Several types of evaluations can be used to review program performance, including targeting, process, and impact evaluations. These evaluations are distinct from monitoring in that they occur less frequently, involve greater time to complete, and their results feed into major programmatic decisions (Burt and Hatry 2005, as cited in Grosh et al. 2008). The effectiveness of evaluations should be decided in light of how they measure and inform program objectives. Do the evaluations measure whether CTs are achieving their stated goals, and is this measurement defensible? They also should be judged according to whether they feed into domestic understanding of program dynamics and outcomes, in addition to contributing to the global knowledge base on CTs. This section deals with interpreting results from evaluations, the use of impact evaluations, results from evaluations of Africa’s CTs, and remaining knowledge gaps in the understanding of African CTs.