Cash transfer programs (CTs) are being employed with increasing frequency throughout the developing world in order to decrease poverty, encourage human capital accumulation, and protect households from disasters and other risks, and more. CTs are now enjoying remarkable success in Africa, Asia, Central Europe, and Latin America. This application provides individuals from government ministries, NGOs, multilateral institutions, and research organizations with information on how cash transfer programs have been used, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, and how CTs can be effectively leveraged to meet countries’ specific development aspirations. Furthermore, CTs may be especially useful in supporting countries’ goals related to early childhood development. The information available here expands on the material available in The Cash Dividend: The Rise of Cash Transfer Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. This material on this site is an expert gateway, providing insight and references to aid in setting up cash transfer programs. It has been designed and optimized for cross-platform performance on personal computers, tablets and mobile devices. We hope you enjoy and use the abundance of information available on these pages to meet your research and programming needs. More